Saturday, October 25, 2014

Local Art Seen: Goin' Postal 2014 Fall Art Show One-Ups Itself

David Lynch by Becky Buchanan
New art and new artists, new music and a great vibe.... that's how last night's event came down for the fifth October in a row. I can still remember that first show. Snow, slippery roads and a lot of folk with good intentions who backed off. Still, it was rewarding for sure, and the foundations were laid for what has now become a semi-annual tradition.

Andrew Perfetti, owner of Goin' Postal, is also a musician and photographer, so the event brings together both of his passions, an appreciation for the arts as well as the music that undergirds his life. The event has also become a reunion of friends as well as a family affair.

Mark Anderson
The balmy weather certainly contributed toward making this an unforgettable evening. Anything is possible when it comes to late October in the Northland. The 1991 Halloween Blizzard isn't far from anyone's thoughts (four foot drifts anda three day blow) but this weekend the weather gods are smiling, perhaps making up for the cruelty rendered upon us last winter.

At least three or four of the events have included an after-party at Bev's Jook Joint, which has now been replaced by a tattoo parlor, tatts seeming to be more in vogue than drinking games. Now that Andy has renovated his basement recording space, the afterparty turns to a music scene not unlike a Greenwich Village hole-in-the-wall. For the late night crowd, those who remained were treated to music from Theft By Swindle, Israel Malachi, and the core of Perfetti's former Uprising band.

We always appreciate the contributions of our sponsors.
The feel-good atmosphere created a magnetic mood that kept people circulating, making it difficult to depart. Once again a memorable evening for nearly everyone, both the new artists and the veterans.

Here are some pictures from the event. For those who couldn't make it, you missed a great reception, but the art will still be hanging on the walls in the event you're able to swing by in the weeks ahead. 816 Tower Avenue,  a.m. - 5:30 p.m. M-F.

Carla Hamilton was among the new artists who participated in this show.
We always appreciate AJ Atwater's colorful contributions.
Lindsey Graskey, whose work I always enjoy, continues to contribute.
Familiar faces and new. Really special evening.
To see some of my own work visit my art blog The Many Faces of Ennyman. A few of these are currently on display here at Goin' Postal.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in so many ways to produce a really rewarding experience for so many people.

* * * *
In other action this weekend, Tim Bouvine will be signing copies of his book Catching Lightning Without The Bottle at Barnes & Noble from 3:30 till 6:00 p.m. this afternoon. 

If you need to get your own creative juices flowing, Pineapple Arts will be the busy place to be as they continue preparations for the seventh annual All Souls Festival. 

And finally, Twins Bar have been renovated and given a new name and a new upscale look, which will include some art by local artists. Grand opening tonight will feature music by Israel Malachi. Check it out.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Celebrate it.

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