Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Minutes with Artist Amylee of Paris

Today's social media is bringing together people from all over the networked universe. Amylee is a French artist who lives and works in Paris, one of the world’s most amazing cities, rich in both history and culture. Born in Nimes in the south of France in 1978, she has used her creativity in the service of industrial design, fashion and lifestyle work with various agencies. In 2007 she had her first exhibition and has worked as a professional full-time artist since that time.

Ennyman: How did you become interested in Art?
Amylee: Art has always been a passion, I began drawing and painting when I was a child.
Graduated from French state university in Applied Arts and Design in 2003, I went to Paris after my studies. I wanted to be a designer like Philippe Starck, Ron Arad or Jaime Hayon (my favorites) but my professional network decided otherwise.

Enny: Who were your early influences?
Amylee: Taking inspiration from fashion shows and contemporary patterns, I credit my influences as the Art Deco painters, French Fauvists, Mucha’s illustrations, Klimt and colors of the Pop artists.

Enny: The women you paint are so colorful. How did you become interested in this subject matter?
Amylee: I love brilliant colors and glam portraits. I became interested in this subject after many years working in and around art, making a living as an advertising designer, graphic designer or fashion and lifestyle coordinator in several agencies.

Enny: What is the medium you are working in? Some of the flowing colors remind me of watercolor or ink.
Amylee: I work in many techniques (acrylic paint and paper collages on canvas).

I like to paint with acrylic because it dries quickly. It allows me to follow my impulses. I use patterns papers to dress up my portraits. My paintings are handmade and unique. No watercolors or inks, just acrylic paint with water and collage patterns.

Enny: What size are the pieces?
Amylee: I love large formats. Often my canvas sizes are 20x40 inches, 20x60 inches and 39x58 inches.

Enny: How does being a younger artist color the way you look at things?
Amylee: I’m 33 year old woman and I live in my time. My paintings are in galleries in both Paris and New York, but I use social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin, etc.) to show my work and communicate with my followers or people who love my paintings. I have already had several projects through the web. I like to say that I am a fine artist 2.0

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Amylee said...

Thank you very much Ed, and maybe some day paths will cross.

ENNYMAN said...

As life permits... Be well and thanks for letting me share your work.