Friday, April 11, 2008

Winter's Last Huzzah

That's what the soldiers would shout as they came across the field of battle. "Huzzah!" They'd put on a fierce battle face, stoke their courage and pour their very fiber into it. "Huzzah!"

Old Man Winter rolled into the Northland during the night, and has likewise made an effort to intimidate us with a fierce face, screaming "Huzzah! with fifty mile an hour winds, and a dense wet snowfall that is no small chore to push aside.

The people in these parts, however, are not easily intimidated. They hunker down and wait for that blustery assault to blow itself out, knowing that Sunday's forecast is for warmer weather and the week ahead will be warmer still.

Wind and snow do make for dangerous driving conditions, but the worst appears to be behind us already. I had fun snapping a few early morning photos while the wind and snow relentlessly raged. The accumulations of snow on the chain link fencegate were so Escheresque that I took the liberty of using my PictureGear program to modify the images I captured so as to turn them into more abstract designs.

We'll still have a little more "weather" to deal with through tomorrow but I've got a feeling that the worst is already behind us.

Note: Click on images to enlarge.

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