Monday, October 20, 2008

The Angry Visitor from Xon, Part II

Short Story Monday. The first half of this story is located on last Monday's blog. The central character, Rau, has come to earth from the planet Xon. The name that Xonians use for earth is Tortell. Rau looks human, and passably handsome. Upon finding suitable clothes he goes to a county fair where he meets a girl, Lisa, who is on the outs with her boyfriend. What follows is our exciting conclusion.

The Angry Visitor from Xon, Part II

Awkwardly, he reached out and put his hand on her upper arm and nodded slightly. He realized she did not hear him, that his words were all locked up in his head. He hoped that his touch would reassure her.

"Lisa, look,” Melissa said, “It’s Curt.”
Sure enough, Curt, Roland and Billy were standing beneath the awning of the shooting gallery, staring at Lisa and the stranger from out of town. As soon as Lisa saw them she, too, reached out her arm and slipped it about Rau’s waist.

“Let’s go this way,” she said, leading him toward the arcade games. Somewhere behind her she heard Melissa mumble, “I’ll catch ya later, Lis,” but she didn’t turn. Rau, so much taller, rested his arm across her shoulder.

They stopped at the darts game, the one where you pop balloons, and he won her a stuffed frog. At the baseball throw, where you knock down the bottles, he won her a stuffed snake. It went on like this till her arms were full.

At first she talked a lot, but his silence made her feel quietly foolish and after a while she became as mute as he. They walked around behind the stadium and down through a gate to the horse barns. She had been to the fair every year since she was ten and she knew the places where they could be alone. “Is this all right?” she asked as she led him to a stack of hay bales in an empty stall. He seated himself and she, with bold abandon, climbed into his lap and curled up against his chest.

For Rau, of course, everything in this world was new and he had been taking it in like a newborn gasping for its first breath. But this, this was beyond his expectations, beyond his comprehension, beyond his capacity to believe. This beautiful young female person-species seemed genuinely desirous to be his, to share a moment of pleasure-time with him. With fear and awe he anticipated that he was about to experience the most truly wonderful experience in the universe... and his heart began pounding hard in his chest.

Rau had never experienced pleasure-time with a woman before and he was insecure. He had learned about it in school, but on Xon one is expected to be thirty years old (Xon time, which is approximately 200 earth years) to engage in such activity. Rau had secretly grown tired of waiting (it would be another 70 earth years before he turned 30 in Xon time) and one of the secret aims of his mission was to discover this experience. He had no idea it was to actually fall right into his lap.

Lisa, her face tucked into his neck, was uncertain what she really wanted to do. She knew that she had no intention of getting into trouble with this guy. She still liked Curt. But she felt like there would be no harm in a little kissing. She made little nibbling movements with her lips, up along the side of his neck to his earlobe. He tilted his head back to see what she was doing. She in turn looked up into his eyes, which glistened in the silver slivers of light that broke in through the slats.

Telepathically he kept repeating, “Thank you for this gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” But she could not hear his thoughts, nor his heart.

She, too, was grateful, for she knew that Curt was going to be pissed. And it served him right, teasing her like that.

Rau placed his strong hands on her shoulders, then slid them down across her back, pulling her up toward his face. His mouth parted slightly, and his tongue, a long pencil-like snake, slid swiftly up her nostril into the upper recesses of her nasal cavity. Immediately, five threadlike probes darted out from an opening at the tip and pierced the tissued wall there, boring directly to the pleasure center of her brain. Her initial revulsion flipped all about so that she was conscious only of the direct and timeless stimulation of her pleasure cortex. On Xon they call it the X-spot.

Rau, however, was not pleased. He saw, by the rolled back eyes, that he had taken her There. But she, in her selfishness, in her insolent selfishness, was not reciprocating.

"What is this?” he thought. “It is supposed to be a mutual experience. How could she do this to me.” Whereupon he stood up and she fell backward off his lap to the ground, the side of her head striking the boards, jarring her back to consciousness. Rau, furious, slipped away from the fairground under the cover of darkness and returned to his pod.

Lisa clambered to her feet and staggered from the barn just as Curt and Melissa were approaching.

"What happened to you,” Melissa said. Curt was too outraged to speak.

Lisa, still basking in the afterglow of her ecstasy could only say, “Incredible. It was incredible.”

Curt slammed his fist against the building and stomped off, slinging curses against the night.

Rau, meanwhile, returned to Xon, with no fondness in his heart for the planet Tortell or its people. Because his father, Som Felo, was a man of influence in high places, Rau urged him to set an example of Xon’s power by destroying Tortell.

Rau’s father was surprised by the intensity of feeling in his first-born son, and determined to learn what was beneath it. During a long fishing trip in Xon's Northern Waters Rau shared his experience with the female person-species from Tortell. To Rau’s surprise, Som Felo only laughed.”

You are so young. One day you will understand. I have a book for you. Your mother and I read it together once a year. Here it is.” And he handed Rau the book Men Are From Roipal, Women Are From Mintza.

So it was the that planet earth was spared from destruction by the wise counsel of an understanding father.

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