Wednesday, June 17, 2009

15 Random Thoughts

A short list of topics off the top of my head on Wednesday, June 17.

1. Interesting that Twitter postponed its maintenance in order to keep communication channels open for Iran protesters.

2. What will be the net-net of the apparently stolen Iranian elections?

3. Friends of ours were in Iran as missionaries when Khomeini overthrew the Shah. They sold their house and their possessions and exchanged all they owned for 3 Persian rugs and a gold belt which she wore out of the country as they escaped by night through Turkey.

4. When Susie and I lived in Mexico for a year we visited an orphanage in Cuernavaca which was very near to where the Shah of Iran owned an estate. The world's richest lived on this street that we had to walk past in order to get to the orphanage, which was in a poor area a stone's throw away. Richard Nixon had a place next door to the Shah, or a few estates down. They were all gated homes.

5. Cuernavaca is nicknamed The Land of Eternal Spring because of its beautiful year round weather. It is on the south side of the mountain upon which Mexico City sits, but elevated enough to avoid the tropical heat further down the mountainside below.

6. On one occasion, while driving home from Cuernavaca, we took an alternate route to the west and as we climbed an intolerably steep road to the top of the mountain, we found that the car had overheated. We were in the middle of nowhere, so I put the car in neutral and we coasted down the other side of the mountain. There was a small lake (large pond) on that other side and I refilled the radiator with water from this pool.

7. That particular landscape, was like the rolling hills of Wisconsin, lush, green, beautiful... Never saw anything like that in all our other travels south o' the border.

8. I remember a farm there which had made a fence entirely of the hoods of Volkswagen Beetles. They were all different colors, side by side.

9. Many people do not know that in 1863 the French took over Mexico. It was during our Civil War. The U.S. was too pre-occupied to enforce its "Monroe Doctrine."

10. The trigger event for Mexico being taken over was the death of seven or eight French soldiers on the beach at Vera Cruz. France used these lost lives to stimulate war fever. Because their "honor" was besmirched, they sent armies across the ocean and took over the whole country.

11. Maximilian, of Austria, was installed on the throne of Mexico, an ill-fated plan that resulted in his death by firing squad a few years afterwards.

12. Imagine that.

13. Last night I measured and priced out more than eighty paintings and drawings for an art show I am considering in July at The Venue.

14. Drudge Report must be on the ascendancy because it is in the Top 20 searches today on Yahoo, #12... up from 28.

15. Six Flags is bankrupt. Makes me curious about the theme park business in general. What happens to the rides when people no longer want to pay to play?

Well, it's time to start my day. Make sure you make the most of yours.

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