Wednesday, July 22, 2009

After the Ball

"A picture is worth a thousand words." ~Napolean Bonaparte

Last night we held the reception for my art show at The Venue. For those of you who could make it, thanks for making it a very special time. I did my best to give everyone a memorable First Hand Experience.

I'd intended to take photos, but got so caught up in answering questions about the various pieces or just catching up with old friends I'd not seen a while, that I utterly neglected my camera. I saw some video being shot, so I'll get a chance to share a bit of YouTube footage here once it's been edited.

There was a nice spread of food, shared graciously by our Philosophy Club friends. (Thank you!!!) And thank you, too, to Karl for serving the wine and punch. A few guests thought Karl had been hired for the occasion. He did look sharp, dressed to the nines as he was.... but no, he was just there to support our show. And a very special thanks to the Sawinskis, Martin and Michael, for the invitation to make their venue a home for my work this month of July.

For me it was really fun to see how various people connect to different kinds of pieces, and gratifying to see people respond to some of my favorites. Certainly my recent Sitting Bull portrait got much attention. There were numerous people asking about the Lincoln portraits and the story behind them, which I briefly wrote about on this blog the other day.

A number of people left feedback on our Exit Registry which was a fun read last night before turning out the lights. And now, it's another day.

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