Monday, September 14, 2009

Golem Terrorists


Many of my short stories are based on dreams in which an incident occurs and I weave a story around it so that the incident itself becomes a scene in the larger work. My stories Lu Lee and the Magic Cat, and Terrorists Preying were both developed in this manner.

On one occasion years ago I decided to post on my website a story concept which was initiated by a dream. I never did finish the story, but there are features here which have an uncanny resemblance to an actually event which happened on my birthday eight years ago.

The concept of the golem was inspired by stories from Jorge Luis Borges and arcane notions from medieval Jewish mysticism.


The scene described below is from a dream I had. I'm curious where it will go.
Do you know?

Post your ideas and, if I like your suggestions, I will incorporate them
into the next segment of the story.

Send your Plot Twist to ennyman.
And Bookmark this page. Maybe your section will be included in a future edition of Golem Terorists.

Golem Terrorists

Given: The Golem is an artificially created human being which has been supernaturally endowed with life.

Proposed: What if it took one full year to make one Golem? What if some evil power were to create a small army of Golem terrorists?

Opening Scene:

Jake Peters, a middle aged man of average build and alert nondescript features, is on a large passenger plane to somewhere. Jake becomes unsettled watching another passenger to his left, a bull-necked man wearing sunglasses who is assembling a potentially lethal weapon from a metal rod and piano wire. The man rises from his seat and Jake also stands to prevent the man from going forward to the front of the plane. A struggle ensues and the man's glasses are knocked off. The man's putty-like eyes are dull and vacant. Jake slices the man's face, which is bloodless. Jake is temporarily startled and the Golem slices off Jake's pinky finger like it was made of butter.

When the Golem reaches the front of the plane, Jake seeks shelter.

It is the fourth crash in two weeks. Two legislators, a mayor and five bank presidents have died in the crashes. In each case the Golem United Front has claimed responsibility.

Jake Peters awakens in the hospital, with burns on his face, his legs and arm in casts. He remembers nothing about the flight and learns from his wife that 137 people died and he is one of 14 survivors.

Everything is a blackout. His mood is gratefulness to be alive, though suffering. Then, he notices his missing finger, and he remembers with a chill the experience with the Golem.

Jake Peters talks to an FBI man who comes to interview him, who is investigating the crash. Jake asks what Golem are. The investigator says nobody knows. Some say they are spooks.

Jake does his own investigation to see what he can learn about Golem. He learns that Golem are a form of Artifical Life, generated by a lifetime of Dream Material. They are man-made and that according to one tradition it takes one whole lifetime to make One Soul.

He also learns that they are evil, not human. They have no feeling or sympathy. As a result, they have dull, cold eyes.

In addition, they are very strong, and very intelligent.

Bullets cannot harm them. They can only be destroyed by fire, which causes them to disintegrate and return to a vapor state, their true Origin.

Jake Peters determines that the four crashes have been caused by four Golem. And he has determined that he must somehow make someone believe what he has seen and experienced. At this point, there is no one who will believe.

You tell me.
Post your comments here. Maybe this story can still be written...


Christella said...

The cut finger is taken by the Golem to build another one. A Golem can only be built from parts of humans. (Sort of like the Borg in Star Trek.) Jake's finger reaches out to him as the finger is built into a Golem. The finger Golem and Jake are never completely separated.

He goes on a quest to find his finger which will lead him to the Golems factory.

ENNYMAN said...

Very interesting. I like it!
Thanks... Maybe this will go somewhere someday.