Friday, February 12, 2010

The Many Faces of Ennyman

When I began this blog nearly three years ago, I wasn't quite sure where it would go or what it would become, but I did have a couple pre-eminent aims. First, was simply to understand what blogging was all about. I come from the school of "learn by doing" and simply wanted to understand why it differed from having a straight website. Second, I made an agreement with myself to do this for four years and see what emerged. I'm not sure where the four years idea came from, but it has been a good commitment.

My original method for coming up with blog content was to sift through my thirty years of personal journaling to share insights or thoughts or poems or whatever as a starting point for further discussion. Having an art background it was important to create a "look" that was aesthetically inviting. I very quickly got the bug to not only produce original written content but illustrate it with original drawings, paintings and photography. The net result there was a large body of work which led to last summer's solo art show at The Venue @ Mohaupt Block.

To say the least, the show was great fun. Even I was surprised to find I had over 130 original pieces to display. There were even a few pieces from my high school daze. The response to this show showed that my work was connecting with people and I even sold a few pieces.

Which leads to a third aim that I wrestled with when I set up this blog. Do I want to monetize it? Do I want to commercialize it? Somehow I've felt that this was not a direction I wanted to go, at least not directly. Instead, I have decided to set up a separate blog for the purpose of selling my artwork. It's called The Many Faces of Ennyman. If you haven't noticed, faces seem to be one of the themes I'm preoccupied with in my work. (I leave the psychoanalysis of this phenomenon to my brother.)

For what it's worth, I invite you to check it out. And thanks to all who have encouraged me along this path over the years.

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