Friday, April 23, 2010

Across the Graph

It’s been a big week in social media. At the top of the game was f8, the Facebook Developers Conference in San Francisco. Wearing jeans, sneakers and a black hoodie, founding giant Mark Zuckerberg paraded his vision for the future of cyberspace, “One graph to rule them all,” which essentially feels like a plan for Facebook to rule the virtual world. Well, you can’t blame him.

When Mr. Zuckerberg uses the word graph to describe the world wide web, it brings together images of gene mapping, physics and geography in a somwhat new way. The phrase is nothing new, was being used in some social media circles even three years ago. Will it catch on now and go mainstream because of f8?

To my surprise, f8 is already past history in Twitter's Top Trending Topics, unlike Justin Bieber, who has been a Top Trending Topic for more than two months... oh, wait. Newsflash: Justin Bieber is not a top topic this morning on Twitter.

My painting A Postmodern Man was featured on Autralian artist Jeremy Lee's spOOk's art blog yesterday. This past weekend I was interviewed there, which was personally gratifying, but even more exciting (for an artist is when one's work is grappled with and meanings extracted by a good reviewer. Check out JL's "A studio critique of a visually ambiguous work" which is a commentary on this painting, which happens to be available for sale here.

In still other news across the graph, I had the privilege of being interviewed this week by Dallas blogger M Denise C, who has been following Ennyman's Territory since 2008. She was doing what I do sometimes, which is surfing across the the blog universe by clicking on the "Next Blog" buttons which appear at the top of most Blogger pages. Being efficient and purposeful has its place, but there's also a place for allowing unexpected Surprise into our lives.

As long as we're doing announcements, two more are worth mentioning. First, I had my Dogs of War painting scanned at CPL Imaging this week. It will be installed at the gallery if I am able to find a few minutes this weekend. Second, Swamp Sisters in Saginaw is opening for another season very soon. Details to come.

In the meantime, have a very special day and a wonderful weekend.


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