Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Very Cool Van Gogh Slide Show

Today is "Self Portrait Day" with two of my own self-portraits here and a third on my Many Faces of Ennyman blog. But the important link is the one at the end of this blog entry, to a very cool Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait Slide Show.

Last fall I wrote about a new book that had compiled all the letters of Vincent Van Gogh. It was a monumental work. Even more monumental, however, is the online version of this epic effort in which you can do searches for words and themes, find exactly how many time Mr. Van Gogh wrote about the pain in his head or his heartache for the suffering of his friends. At the end of that blog entry I had a link to a Wikipedia page that had compiled in one place a lifetime of Van Gogh self-portraits. My hope was that the faces would be studied, because each really does tell a story.

Within the past two weeks I came across such a cool find on someone's blog that I have been wanting to share it. It is a slide show that takes these portraits and by means of modern technology shows the troubled artists transformations from one era to the next. I found it quite fascinating, and I thought you might enjoy it as much as I. It's less than a minute in length. Check it out.

Top Right: Self portrait as Dark Knight
Left: Self portrait, Mexico 1981

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