Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Week In Review

"Will you please tell me what this is all about?" ~ Faye Dunaway, Chinatown

The week had its share of news stories. Here are a few highlights of things that caught my attention.

Spy Games
Ten Russian spies were sent packing this week, with four American spies coming home in exchange. It was the biggest spy swap since the Cold War. The Russian spies were under deep cover as Suburbanites. By pleading guilty to conspiracy in a Manhattan courtroom they avoided a lengthy trial that might uncover some embarrassing realities about clandestine affairs. The news item shows that there is still plenty going on in the world that we're in the dark about, even with the Freedom of Information Act.

All this spy swapping reminded me of trading baseball cards as a kid. When we first moved to New Jersey, I could get as many as five Cleveland Indians cards for one New York Yankee.

Top Sports Event of the Year
LeBron James' TV show, in which he announced on ESPN what team he would be playing for next year, captured between ten and twelve million pairs of eyeballs. The big news is that this was the most watched program on ESPN thus far in 2010 and the most watched show that night of all channels in North America.

Spain, Holland Square Off Tomorrow
We're down to two teams now, Spain and Holland. Both teams play aggressive "attack" style soccer. The friendly rivals are 4-4-1 since 1920. This is their first meeting in a World Cup Final.

This week I learned that O.J. Simpson is still imprisoned in Lovelock, Nevada. Before Tuesday I'd never even heard of Lovelock. That's all I am going to say about that.

Romanian Hope Springs Fundraiser
Tonight at 5 pm at Eastridge Community Church (3727 West Arrowhead Road Duluth, MN) there will be a special Romanian dinner and art auction to raise money for orphans in the vicinity of Poiana in Eastern Romania. Earlier this week WDIO-TV interviewed Silviu and Tirzah Pop, founders of the ministry. For more information of how you can contribute or participate, visit

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