Thursday, January 6, 2011

Noteworthy 2010 Artist Interviews, January - June

The 2010 was groundbreaking in a variety of ways, not the least of which was the growth of Facebook to more than half a billion people. Whereas not all these "members" are avid users of the hottest non-commodity on the planet, there are increasing numbers in every walk of life using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others to expand their circles, create new combinations of relationship, promote their goods and services, stay current with the things they are passionate about in the news and in life. This continued growth of social media even ended up in a much buzzed about Hollywood film called The Social Network.

Even though many artists are decidedly low-tech or even anti-tech, others have been embracing the Net strongly aware of its power to bring their work in front of a wider sphere of eyeballs. Here and there online artist communities have sprung up and even virtual galleries. Whether its for the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow, or simply to have someone send an email commenting how much they liked one's work, the Internet is being explored, staked out, defined and re-defined by those who have moved a portion of their lives their.

This past year I conducted about two dozen interviews with artists which were posted here at Ennyman's Territory. One thing I like is showing readers how many various paths the creative heart can explore. I also like learning new things from people who have "been there" and many of these are people who have had long careers in the arts. Some are emerging artists, and all are interesting. Several of these are people I have known and met. Others entered my life through Twitter, the ArtWalk Ning or some other online vessel.

Here are ten of the noteworthy 2010 artist interviews which I posted in the first six months of 2010.

Ten Minutes with Painter Adam Swanson

Ten minutes with Brazil’s Silvio Alvarez

Ten Minutes with Visual Poet Melissa Johnston

Ten Minutes with Motivity Photographer Rolf Hagberg

Five Minutes with World Renowned Watercolorist Cheng Khee Chee

Five Minutes with Portrait Artist Jeremy Lee

Five Minutes with Oil Painter Pam Holnback

Five Minutes with Watercolorist Davilla Harding

Eight Minutes with Artist Steve Derrickson

Ten Minutes with Melody Lea Lamb who introduced me to the concept of ACEOs.

There's nothing quite like hearing people talk about their work in their own words. Enjoy!

Pictured at top: Sybil in Wonderland, by Ennyman

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