Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's Valentine's Day weekend again, one of the most important "holidays" of the year for the greeting card industry. In fact, Hallmark has over 1300 variations of Valentine-themed cards.

I shared the following poem last night at a Sweetheart Banquet where I was MC. It was written by my grandmother Elizabeth Sandy, one of the creative influences in my life, who fostered in me a greater appreciation of art, literature and poetry.


When I was young and beautiful
I thought I was in love --
The moon was made for such as I
And all the stars above!

The days swam by in ecstasy --
I never paused to sigh --
Of all the mortals on this earth
The happiest was I!

Oh, who could dream it was a trap
That nature set for me?
That propagation might not cease
And mortals still should be?

When I was young and beautiful
I had a great romance --
But now -- I'm darning little socks
And mending little pants!

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