Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Friday Reflection

Today the markets are closed on Wall Street because it is Good Friday, the Christian holiday commemorating the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary. It's a holiday observed during Holy Week, preceding Easter Sunday.

It reminded me of a dream I had many years ago, which I recorded in one of my journals. It's possible I've shared it here before, but it's been a while and I present it once more.

On Another World

In this dream I was being held captive on another planet. The people of this planet were in bondage to false ideas about God.

Early in the morning I was taken to a private meeting with the leader of this planet. We were alone in a large, clean unfurnished room. A single guard stood outside the open door.

By some means I had been paralyzed so that I could neither pray nor speak nor think straight. I was standing in the middle of the room in this strange, paralyzed state. I had no consciousness of the passage of time.

In the dream, Dr. Spock (of Star Trek fame) came to the door of the room and requested permission to enter. It is possible that I was captain of the Enterprise, though I do not know this for certain. I do know that I was from earth, as the following dialogue will attest.

After obtaining permission, Spock entered the room carrying a bucket of what appeared to be a powdered cleanser. He stumbled and spilled the cleanser on me, pretending to do this accidentally. Immediately, I found myself released from my paralysis and I started to pray, standing by a wash basin with my eyes closed. (It was one of those chrome sink basins that you find in painting studios at college.)

Upon seeing my fervent attempt to pray the leader of the planet was in stitches with laughter. He asked what I was doing.

I said I was praying to God.

"This is hysterical!" he said. "We would never pray to God like that," and he wanted to know how I got the notion that I could talk to God.

"God came to our planet once," I said.

"God came to your planet? What was God like?" The leader was suddenly interested in hearing this new thing. "What was God like?"

"He came to our planet as a human."

"A human? A weak, pitiful thing like that? A human! God came to your planet as a human?"

"He took the form of a human, a man, actually, and lived on our world, on earth."

"And what happened?"

"We killed him," I said.

I woke.

Thank God for "the rest of the story."


Anonymous said...

You've made a common mistake in referring to Leonard Nimoy's Star Trek character as Dr. Spock. Dr. Spock was actually a famous author of baby/child care books. Captain Kirk's commanding officer was Mr. Spock.

ENNYMAN said...

Yes, looks like you're right. I was raised "by the book"... Dr. Spock, not Mister... so maybe I get confused about all that some.

Thanks for the correction.