Saturday, December 31, 2011

Summing Up: 2011 Arts Interviews

I really enjoy interviewing people. Being a writer gives you the often rare opportunity to gently probe beneath the surface to see what makes a person tick. I've been interviewing for more than 25 years so it's no surprise to find that my blog is occasionally peppered with interviews of artists and other creative people.

My initial aim with the artist interviews had been to help other artists discover the varieties of ways their creativity could be expressed. As I reviewed this past year I found that I produced and shared more than thirty interviews and thought it would be useful to assemble them here in one place.
To each of you who participated and contributed, a very earnest thank you.

Five Minutes with Bluewater Illustrator
Todd Tennant

Ten Minutes with Artist
Nancy Eckles

Five Minutes with Painter
Marcia Baldwin

Five Minutes with Duluth Painter
Dale Lucas

Ten Minutes with Artist
Nancy Miller

Five Minutes with
Eris Vafias and Art Kamakaze III

Karin Kraemer
Talks About Pottery

Local Artists Talk About
Painting Live

Ten Minutes with Artist
Laurie Frick

Six Minutes with Artist
Elizabeth Papenfuss

Five Minutes with Award Winning Narrator Grover Gardner

Twelve Minutes with Painter
Olivia Villanueva

Five Minutes with Artist Paul Klee

Ten Minutes with Painter Juan Farias

Ten Minutes with the Young Creative Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein

Come back tomorrow for sixteen more.... and drive safely tonight if you're out on the roads. Happy New Year!

My seed thought for you in 2012: Life is a gift. Don't force it. Embrace it fully and let it happen.

Photo: Jeredt Runions, live painting at the Clyde. By Andrew Perfetti.

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