Friday, January 13, 2012

Openings Tonight at PRØVE, Ochre Ghost and Washington Galleries

If you're looking to get out and about in the Twin Ports tonight, check out the art openings at Ochre Ghost, PRØVE and Washington Galleries.

For one night only at the Ochre Ghost Gallery from 6:00 p.m. till 10, internationally acclaimed recluse painter Angorki Spytec of Soudan, Minn., will be exhibiting a retrospective of 10 Years of his most recent work: Paintings and Boxes. Ochre Ghost is located at 22 N. Second Avenue East, and if you've never been there, tonight would be a great night to check in.

From here you can take the alley two blocks over to Lake Avenue and catch a whiff of the energy on display at the PRØVE, with refreshments provided by Sir Ben's and DJ work by the Crunchy Bunch, who seem to be a fixture now at this gallery.

This is the PRØVE's third show, titled Field. The five young men who opened this gallery in November are excited about this show which has new works from other artists besides themselves. Thematically the call went out for art that was made of pieces that were repeated and varied but when assembled combined to make a whole.

The back wall, for example, is a series of sixteen small colorful pieces which have been assembled in something of a grid that catches your attention and stands together as a much larger whole as a result.

According to Anthony Zappa, one of the reasons this show features the work of other artists is because Steven Read's energy was diverted to an exhibit he has assembled for the Duluth Art Institute called (un)natural reactions.

When I stopped by last night to grab the pictures you see here, I spoke with Nicolas Monson and Anthony Zappa about some of the things they have learned through this new experience of owning a gallery and curating shows. Zappa said the biggest lessons have been in the practical realm. "Scheduling and organization" was mentioned. "We've learned the importance of meetings." The gallery is as much a business as it is a venue to show their work.

Four of the five principles have known each other for four years. The fifth member of the team, Rick Hansen of Sound Unseen, brings another dimension to the group. "Rick brought us a ton of publicity," Monson said. "He has connections" that the students didn't have and that has been a big help.

For more on the PRØVE check out Christa Lawler's review in yesterday's Wave.

When you finish seeing all there is to see at the PRØVE (including your friends) and if it's not unreasonably cold, take that short uphill hike to the Washington Gallery at 315 Lake Avenue for an art exhibit titled "Lost, Found and Reassembled," featuring works by artists Gary and Jacob Swanson and Madison Ohm. Looks like fun to me. 6-9 if you've got the time.

Check it out... it's a Twin Ports Art Walk. Wear your best scarf.

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