Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (with Commentary)

It's a contradiction to add commentary on a Wordless Wednesday, but it seems necessary. The images here were all taken at the Diorama-rama in Duluth last Friday eve at the Sacred Heart. The dioramas were the creative expressions of people of all ages. Most fit on tabletops, but some were large enough to climb into. Some were sheer fun, but several were quite pointed, and the last image here was quite disturbing. The bound and gagged woman inside the monitor pleaded with her eyes for release from her cruel and merciless fate. The viewer became vividly aware that such things are indeed going on today, generating revenue for the perpetrators who are supported by this practice. On the screen these words were scrawled: "We no longer want you barefoot and pregnant. We want you barefoot and dead." This juxtaposition of beauty (the woman) and horror combined to make for an exceedingly disturbing image.

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