Monday, December 31, 2012

Artist Interviews: Best of 2012 (Part III)

Garrison by Brian Barber
It's been another great year here just north of Lake Woebegone. There are too many stories to tell, but I've tried to do my part and pass along some of them here. I get asked all the time how I have time to blog every day, and I reply that for thirty years I wrote in a journal every day before heading off to work. I transferred my hour for that to this. I'm not entirely sure what my all my motivations are, but it's been an interesting run. My initial interest was simply my innate curiosity.

Thank you again to everyone who shared a bit of themselves here in 2012. I've enjoyed it and so have many readers.

A Few Minutes with Artist Eric Dubnicka

A Few Minutes with Wisconsin Artist Patricia Lenz

Eight Minutes with PRØVE Collective’s Kathleen Roberts, Founder of PRØOF Magazine

Patricia Lenz, Runway Gulls
Ten Minutes with Illustrator/Animator Brian Barber

Ten Minutes with Jessica Liszewski, Artist and Gallery Owner

Five Minutes with Dublin Artist John Nolan

Exloring HyperLightness ad absurdum with Portuguese Artist Margarida Sardinha

Dialogue with Margarida Sardinha on HyperLightness ad absurdum, Part II

Dialogue with Margarida Sardinha on HyperLightness ad absurdum, Part III

Five Minutes with Artist  Lisa Eddington

Six Minutes With Rock Art Magician Peter Juhl

Eight Minutes With Artist Ernest Gillman

Tate Rich Talks About Ceramics and Community Art

Bones and Steel: Six Minutes with Sculptor Sam Spiczka

Don't Miss Master MEME Daniel Hansen Tonight at the PRØVE 

The Striking Imagery of Unda Arte

It's been a privilege getting to know so many really fascinating people. May each and all of you have a fulfilling 2013. Maybe we'll meet again at the end of the rainbow. Happiest New Year to you.

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