Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Self Portrait On Its Way

By now, all true Dylan fans know there's a new Bootleg Series album coming. A few weeks back I pre-ordered a copy for this week's release. Today I received an email from the Bob Dylan Global Store stating, "We want to let you know that your recent order was shipped today."

If you follow, which covers all things Dylan, you'll know that this latest release has been creating quite a bit of buzz. First, because some Dylan historians have called this period the low point in Bob's career. Second, because no one seemed aware of how much material was in the vaults from this period.

Jon Friedman's Media Matrix calls Another Self Portrait "another triumph." If you have a minute you might enjoy his review. When I get my copy I will do my usual Dylan tango and withhold judgment till I have played it at least once a day for a week. The best songs aren't always first to grab you. Then I'll share my impressions. I'm expecting to be impressed.


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