Sunday, September 15, 2013

Local Art Seen: Amazing Grace Hosts An Opening and PRØVE Proves Itself Once Again

Esther Piszczek at Amazing Grace
A funny thing happened here. I just now discovered that Friday morning's blog post didn't "post" for some reason. As I tinkered with the code it suddenly went online as if it had been written this morning, which throws you a little when you get to the end and I encourage people to enjoy their Friday eve arts activities. If you didn't get out, here's some of what you might have seen.

The weather Friday evening was as good as it gets for a Friday night art walk. There's been a new addition to the mix. Amazing Grace provided a wonderful space for Esther Piszczek's opening reception. Like the artists featured in Friday's PRØVE show, Piszczek is herself a transplant to Duluth, having grown up in Lehigh Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania, and then practiced law in New England for 17 years. A dancer, writer, artist and wife, she maintains a blog called Eternal Possibility... and is a welcome addition to our Northland community.

Piszczek's work in this show was primarily comprised of detailed pen and ink drawingz which took zome of their inspiration from Zentangle. There is a playful quality in much of the work which is especially noteworthy for its detail. Piszczek takes the Zentangle concept to whole new dimensions, however, with a complexity that draws you in to each design. 

My only advice to Esther: keep it going! Thanks for sharing...

Co-Founder Nick Monson
The PRØVE once again offered up an excellent show, putting on display works by a number of artists who were unfamiliar to us before this show: Rob Adams, Ray Allard, Rodrigo Bello, Zach Gorr, Marcus Meldahl, and Aphtin Rapp. There were sculptured works, paintings, prints and some clever wordplay pieces in the mix. And some most unusual pizza toppings on the Pirate Pizzas delivered that evening, including apples and beets. Yumm?

The turnout was good, as usual, music by the Crunchy Bunch providing ambience. They also had a masseuse doing massages in the window. With a bit of a drive home I was reluctant to get too relaxed.

John Peyton's work has now been removed from the upper room at the Minnesota Wine Exchange. We'll be looking forward to seeing whose work will occupy this well lighted space next.

Don't forget this Thursday's opening at the Duluth Art Institute, 5-7 p.m.  And for those who have been following our poetry scene, on Wednesday PRØOF Magazine is presenting a poetry reading of Twin Ports Poets at the Red Star Lounge. What I like about these poetry events is that after the featured readers perform, the stage becomes an open mic for other local poets to present. This event will begin at 7.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Engage it.

Rodrigo Bello is newly arrived in Duluth from Chile.

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