Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yesterday's Gallery Hop: What I Saw and What I Didn't See

The weather cooperated nicely for Friday's Fall Gallery Hop. To be quite frank my blog title here is misleading because I was missing in action last night. What I saw was the inside of three airports, each of them beginning with the letter D. What I didn't see were art openings on both sides of the bridge.

The PRØVE celebrated its second anniversary and that was an event I really did not want to miss. Neverthess, I did. Fortunately Virginia artist/sculptor Nancy Miller answered the call when I put out a request for photos of the Radio Pluto installation.

Maybe you missed it, too, so I am posting some of the photos Nancy sent so that our envy of those who attended can be a shared experience between me and you.

Thank you Radio Pluto. Looks like it must have been incredible.

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