Monday, November 4, 2013

Local Art Scene: AJ Atwater at the Minnesota Wine Exchange

AJ Atwater, center of photo, discusses her new work with friends.

Saturday was a surprisingly nice day here in the North Country. The sun came out. It's been so long since we saw sun that numerous people made humorous comments about it on their Facebook pages. "What's that? Looks familiar." "Yes, I remember seeing something like that once a long time ago." There were even cartoons. All this to say it was a good day to get some outdoor work done before Jack Frost descends with his unrelenting seasonal resolve.

At the end of the afternoon I freshened up and headed to the Minnesota Wine Exchange to see A.J. Atwater's new show. I've already written much about A.J. and simply wanted to encourage a few of your to hightail it down there so you can see this new space that has opened within the past year. I've been told that their gallery space is booked now through February.

A familiar trio of local jazz musicians created the ambiance and the art itself fulfills its mission of making the place a gift to patrons of the business. And while sampling a flight of Minnesota wines upstairs a host of familiar friends and fans of AJ Atwater passed through.


Tomorrow evening will be the second Tweevenings event at the Tweed in which various pieces from the Tweed collection will be highlighted and discussed. On Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30 two UMD students, Aron Welch and Cody Christian, will lead a discussion about the work South of Huoma by Warrington Colescott. Colescott is an American artist best known for his satirical etchings. The students are working with Ladona Tornabene, MCHES, Associate Professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and Susan Hudec, Education Director at the Tweed Museum of Art to communicate the connections between health and art museums.

South of Huoma

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