Saturday, January 18, 2014

Local Opportunities + A Cool Way To Learn More About Other Artists

Characters by Mary Plaster 
Here's a tip on how to become familiar with a famous or not-so-famous artist's work. We all know how to Google. Google the artist's name and then hit the "Images" button. Suddenly you have hundreds of images and get a fairly quick sense of the artist's style, genre, etc. We're all fairly familiar with names like Dali, Warhol and Picasso, but as your move outside realm of artist's who cross into popular culture, many folks are not so well versed.

For example, we may know him as the man who painted American Gothic, but what else has Grant Wood done? It's apparent American Gothic is his most memorable piece, but there are other pieces of his handiwork here as well.

Hans Hoffman obviously painted abstract color. Robert Motherwell was a painter of abstracts as well.

Here are some other artists from our time that the average person may not know but whose work has resonated with other artists of my generation.
David Hockney
Robert Rauschenberg
Lucian Freud
Donald Judd

Not quite familiar with which Old Masters painted what? Google is a wonderful guide for that, too.
Jan Van Eyck
Edgar Degas
Or Dali's "O.M. Idol" Jan Verneer

It works with contemporary artists as well. Let's try some locals like...
Anne Labovitz
Ann Klefstad
Patricia Canelake

You get the picture.

Local Art News

Erika Mock has stepped down from spearheading the Phantom Galleries Superior. Erika's efforts enriched both the community and the artists who worked with her. She was a truly dedicated person whose energy was infectious. As a result the Superior Business Improvement District (BID) in Partnership with SPAC2ES is accepting applications for the contracted position: Coordinator of Phantom Galleries Superior This person will oversee the Phantom Galleries Superior program, with emphasis on support of project artists, coordinating between artists and property/business owners, exhibit curation/installation, marketing planning, and engagement with the community. This is a paid position for which you can obtain more information by contacting. Though the pay is real it is also modest. Your love for enriching the community of Superior will be your real reward.

For more information contact Erika Mock, erikamock [@] aol [dot] com with PGS Position in the subject line. Applications should be submitted to Karen Monson-Thompson, SPAC2ES chair: kmtweaver [at] aol [dot] com. Again, be sure to put: PGS Position in the subject line.

I just learned this week that Keyport Liquor is inviting local artists to submit art for a series of 32 oz. growlers. The goal with their “Artist Series Growlers” is to capture the work of local Twin Ports artists and put it the hands of our craft beer community. They would also like to know what makes you local to the Twin Ports area and a brief history of your artwork.

The art should be 5" wide by 4" high, two color max. The submitted work can be digital or scannable tangible work. You may submit multiple submissions. I most likely will see what I can do.

For more information contact Nick Casper, Keyportliquor [at] gmail [dot] com or Jeredt Runions.

Wednesday, January 15 the DAI held its annual Members Meeting with the Board of Directors at the Lincon Studios Building in West Duluth. The big news of the evening was that Kat Eldred is stepping down as director after 20 months service. Kat will be remembered as one who established stability at a time when the DAI was experiencing turbulence. 2013 proved to be a stellar year as Eldred focused on the DAI's strengths. Her vision of rebuilding foundations instead of trying to grow for growth sake resulted in real achievements. There were 17 gallery shows, all the classes have been full and summer camps full as well. "We have to be healthy ourselves in order to do more." Eldred's legacy in the Twin Ports arts scene will be well remembered as she not only founded the now thriving Red Mug in Superior, she also was a leader at the Zeitgeist and contributed significantly to the Art Works coalition.

The meeting included recognition of Sheila Staubus as "Volunteer of the Year." As the board seeks a new director, Curator Anne Dugan will move into Kat's shoes as Curator/Interim Director.

The meeting adjourned with a reminder that Thursday is the opening reception for the DAI Annual Membership Show, 5-7 in the Great Hall at the Depot.

Kat Eldred bids farewell to DAI Board with a heart full of memories.

Meantime... art goes on all around you. Engage it!

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