Monday, March 17, 2014

Double Book Signing in Tampa Will Be One of a Kind

Two months ago, as I thought about my upcoming trip to Tampa, I realized my first book in print would be ready and it might be fun to have a book signing. There's a certain mystique about authors travelling to exotic places to tell stories and sign books, so arrangements were made. As it turns out, a friend of my mother's has a book coming to print this month, so we're having a double book signing.

When I was notified that her friend was interested in joining me, I was all for it. She could help get the word out and help take care of a few details. I obtained her phone number and called to discuss the matter. I told her a little about my book and Ilene, her pen name, told me a little about hers. The title, she said, was The Enduring Farce. I assumed it would be about politics in Washington, or some such serious topic. We discussed the best date and time for this event and she agreed to send me some information.

The next day she emailed to me her book cover art. I perceived pretty quickly that I had not properly processed the title she gave to me on the phone. Here's how Ilene characterizes her literary achievement:

Ilene Dover promoting her book in Tampa.
Dover’s book, The Endearing Fart, is – like the title implies – a humorous digression on the embarrassing situations people find themselves in when they are caught inappropriately releasing gas. Dover hopes this book will help people get over their shyness and accept that this rather unfortunate, unbeguiling human trait is universal. We all share in these experiences as having and expelling gas is a totally human attribute. This book will allow us to come out of the closet, together.

You get the picture.

As for my book, Unremembered Histories, it's a collection of six stories with supernatural features. And a little more serious in nature. Maybe. Sort of. Most of the stories had serious aims, but it's also in my nature to amuse to some extent though at least one of the stories is dark. All have the aim of making one think. But there are elements of the ironic, and a certain playfulness, in a few of the tales. Of course not quite so playful as Ilene Dover's contribution to literature.

This isn't my first "performance" in Tampa. In 2008 I took the stage at Side Splitters Comedy Club there for a one night stand. And if you wish to take up the art of stand up, here's my summary of that night before. Open mic night for stand up comedy, poetry and music have become a fairly widespread phenomenon in recent years. There's a remarkable pool of talent in most communities, and it's nice to see the growing numbers of venues where this talent can be shared.

For writers there possibilities of print-on-demand and blogging itself are a welcome release from having to keep all these stories, poems and ideas filed in manila folders in drawers. I for one have appreciated having this online venue where my internal creative spring can find an outlet.

Hope you're doing the same. That is, finding places and spaces to share that which has been birthed within you. Let it shine.

Meantime, mark your calendars. Here are the details. I'd love to see you in Tampa. 

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