Friday, May 30, 2014

Local Arts Seen: Blood on the Tracks Express Closes Out 2014 Dylan Fest

You sorta like had to be there. But here's a collection of images from last night's Blood on the Tracks Express, which was essentially a slow train coming and going and going and coming, with a party in between at The Depot Train Museum featuring music by the Boomchucks.

Dirty Horse setting up for part one in the electric end.
Cowboy Angel Blue filled the opposite end with Dylam sounds.
Didn't see no police, but did see a few rules posted.
The train was sold out... 300 tickets available and gone.
The players last night included Dirty Horse, Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Red Mountain, The Bitter Spills, Cowboy Angel Blue, The Boomchucks and The Black-Eyed Snakes, plus an after Parr-ty with Charlie Parr at the Red Star Lounge.
The Boomchucks: (l to r) Jamie Ness, Brad Nelson, Russ Sackett
The home stretch....
It was a capacity crowd, sometimes loud and always memorable.

Don't forget Duluth Superior Film Festival happenings continue through the weekend. Short films and Trampled by Turtles world premiere of their new Music Video at PROVE tonight. Full details of all the weekend's DSFF events posted at the DuSu Film Festival website

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