Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Aaron Kloss at the Red Mug and Other Twin Ports Happenings

Paintings by Aaron Kloss at Red Mug this month
Last night I was watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly for the fourth, fifth or sixth time, and as in every previous viewing am completely in awe at Julian Schnabel's incredible film. This time around I was struck by the complete disconnect between people living out fast-paced lives in the business realm and the tediously slow pace people locked in hospitals experience, especially those in hospice or paralysis.

We who have our health forget how fortunate we are. We who possess mobility and youth must remember that neither of these are permanent. The time to explore is now... otherwise that inquisitive spirit of our childhood will atrophy.

* * * *

Here are a few Twin Ports events to take in if you are able.


Changing Seasons Art Show 
If you live or work in Superior, be sure to take a few minutes to visit the Red Mug Coffeehouse this evening for an opening reception between 5 and 7 p.m.  On display will be a collection of new original paintings and prints celebrating the arrival of spring, by local landscape painter Aaron Kloss. The Red Mug is located on the corner of Hammond and Broadway.

Twin Ports Stage
Tonight at the Belknap Lounge the Twin Ports Stage live radio theater troop will be presenting Episodes 10 and 11 with live musical guest Joe Lindzius. The show starts at 6:00 p.m. "We want the show to start!"


Gallery Celebration: Youth Art Month
March is Youth Art Month and the Duluth Art Institute has pulled together a show from 10 of the region's schools.  The exhibition is designed to showcase the creativity and imagination that is being taught and practiced by our young artists. Work in a wide variety of media will be on display, from clay to photography, pen and paper to watercolor and oil. The opening reception will be from 5 - 7 p.m., the art itself on display throughout the month of March.

Gene Lafond and Amy Grillo at Little Angie's Cantina
Gene Lafond has left the Twin Cities and now lives here in the North Country with his partner in song Amy Grillo. Hence, Lafond friends and followers on Facebook will have noticed all the gigs they are doing up near Two Harbors and Silver Bay. Thursday evening Gene and Amy will be performing at Little Angie's in Canal Park. I'm not sure when Little Angie's became a music venue, but it's all right by me. I've always liked the food there, and the Margaritas. If you are a night life type, this will be a fun place to unwind.

Head of the Lakes Jazz Festival
For fans of jazz, this event is 18-karat. Every dude has his axe and man, these cats can really blow. Or so it goes. It's a two-day feast so don't get in a lather if you can't make the first night. For details visit their Facebook page by clicking the headline of this paragraph. Weber Hall at UMD is gonna be hot.

Revolution Jones at the Rex
The Twin Ports music scene is off the charts for a community this size. You can follow it best by paying attention to the Transistor or the Reader, not this blogspace which attempts to highlight the oft overlooked visual arts. Nevertheless, it seemed a good time to mention a few new and noteworthy additions to our local music action. Revolution Jones is a resurrected Uprising featuring an import from the Centerville All Stars, John Heino, on keyboards. It's reggae with attitude. Expect your feet to be moving as they groove. Let's give a big welcome to Revolution Jones.

* * * *
Have a great week ahead as you listen to the music. 

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