Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Summer Art Show Season: Here Are Some Events You Might Want To Check Out

I first saw Tonya Sell's work at the Park Point Art Fair.
For those who participate in art shows and art fairs, most of these are old news. For those who follow the art scene here are some of this year's regional art events you can place on your calendar. And if you've never been to an art fair (I would assume some have not) then I recommend checking one or more of these out sometime, especially if it's a sunny day and you have a little free time.

What you generally won't find at an art fair is ultra-esoteric conceptual art or performance art, though you may find performances of the musical sort. Many if not most of the artists who work the art show circuit are entrepreneurial artists. This is a livelihood in addition to a passion.

And it's a lot of work. No matter how efficient you are, setting up takes time. And no matter how spectacular your art, there's always the possibility of a thunderstorm to dampen the enthusiasm of your "audience."

What I like most about attending local art fairs is seeing in one place the wide variety of work being created. If you're a regular attender you will see many of the same faces so that it's like a family reunion of sorts. You can catch up on family happenings since the previous reunion.

Photographer Ryan Tischer was kind enough to forward to me his agenda for the year.  Some of these events have a long history and others are relatively new. The Park Point Art Fair, for example, has been running for more than four decades.

June 20-21 Land of the Loon Festival - Olcott Park - Booth #103W - Virginia, MN (not much art, mostly crafts)

June 27-28 ~ Park Point Art Fair - Duluth, MN

July 11-12 ~ Grand Marais Art Festival - Grand Marais, MN

July 24-26 ~ Blueberry Arts Festival - Ely, MN

August 9 ~ Lake Superior Art Festival @ Brighton Beach in Duluth

August 15-16 ~ Art in Bayfront Park

September 19, Chester Bowl Fall Fest

October 2-4 ~ Bayfield Apple Festival... mostly apple everything, but also some artists in the park by the lake.

November 14-15 ~ Festival of Trees (a real mix with everything from high quality art to Tupperware)

In addition to traditional wall art, such as painting a photography, you will find unique jewelry, sculptures that you can set in your yard or garden, and plenty of gift ideas for loved ones.... things you will not see again till next year's show. Art doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to lift one's spirits, whether yours or someone else's.

You don't have to wait for art fairs or art openings to see art. We have a number of galleries here in the Twin Ports where you can stop in and see, experience, the flavor of what's happening here in our regional arts community. If you've not been to an art gallery lately, why not make it a point to do a walk-through next time you're downtown or in Canal Park? Consider it a warm-up for your next art fair.

Meantime, art goes on.... all around you.  

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