Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The 50 Most Interesting Places in the Space-Time Continuum

Five years ago today here at Ennyman's Territory. 

The other day I wrote about a stimulating magazine called Mental Floss. At the risk of being redundant I will share further on the same lines. Two days ago I wrote about The Ten Issue. This morning, the publication's "Spectacular 50th Issue" was just begging to be written about and I share it here.

Tucked up into the masthead is an interesting little phrase: feel smart again. There is no promise that reading it will make you smart, but by knowing all this stuff the publisher suggests that you will feel smart. And that five letter word "again" has a sexy suggestive quality as well, implying that you used to feel smart, but somehow lost it along the way. Feel smart, and feel confident, the way you were in your youth, robustly ready to tackle any obstacle.

So, the cover story for their Spectacular 50th Issue is, The 50 Most Interesting Places in the Space-Time Continuum.

Teaser copy is stuffed around the edges of the big 5-0....
Inside Houdini's Barrel
The Center of a Black Hole
Warren Buffet's Desk
Inside a Tornado
The Supreme Court's Doomsday Shelter
Mob Boss Cemeteries
Catherine the Great's Backyard Amusement Park
The Tiniest Town in America
Where Antimatter Exists
An Island of Wingless Butterflies
America's Greatest Idea Factory
3 Hilarious Misfires in Propaganda

Interestingly, the cover story begins on page 39, so there's still plenty of other blather to soak up before hitting the big story. I did peek and found that the world's smallest town in terms of population is located in Nebraska, and even has a sign that lists that population as 2. One is the mayor. Evidently when the kids grew up they had to go somewhere else to find a job.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Tonight I will be doing some Live Painting at Norm's Beer & Brats, from 9:00 till midnight, at which time I'll turn into a pumpkin and someone will have to carve me back into a person.

* * * *

Thinking about this blog post today made me marvel a bit at the creativity of the Mental Floss editorial staff. I mean, what would your list look like if you decided to list the most interesting places in the universe? My list began like this: Inside Einstein's Brain, Inside Dali's Imagination.... You can take it from there.  

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