Thursday, January 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday: An Early Dylan Post and a Concert Review

Something cool is happening. The Duluth Public Library as a section devoted to archiving the writings of local authors. When a book is published, they like to acquire it for their collection. When they learned of my blog writings about Dylan, who was born here in Duluth, they asked me to assemble my many blog posts to be bound in a book that will be housed here in the library.

Looking back, this brief entry was my first blog entry on Dylan. In the beginning (2007) my blog consisted of posting an excerpt from my journals followed by some commentary.

Interestingly, the link will take you to my review of a Dylan concert I attended here in Duluth in 1998, his first back in his original home town. The video clip from my garage no longer works, however, because it was removed. A copyright violation.

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"Blowin' in the Wind is on display at the Armory Annex.
Dylan hospitalized with rare heart infection.
May 30, 1997

Dylan's comment after release from hospital last week: "I almost saw Elvis."
June 6, 1997

Have been a long time Bob Dylan fan. He was born here in Duluth, but my fan-hood began 40+ years ago when I was growing up in NJ. What a long time ago, and a long strange trip it's been.

Last night, I decided to place a short vid clip on YouTube in an effort to learn how to do it. The piece I selected was a little overview of a section of wall in my garage where I have Dylan memorabilia, newspaper clips, etc. A link to this clip can be found on my personal website at the bottom of my review of the 1998 Dylan concert I attended in Duluth that fall.

To check out the review and the clip, visit:

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In other Dylan-related news, there's going to be another Winter Dance Party here at Sacred Heart, a fund raising benefit concert for the Armory Arts and Music Center. Details here. If you like to dance, come on out and move your feet. If you simply like good music, they's got that, too.


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Marc Percansky said...


Congrats on this great news of your posts on Bob going from blog to book form to be read at the Duluth Public Library. I hope it will be available to purchase as well!

Best to you,