Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50

The Kickoff Show begins with the introduction of 49 Super Bowl MVPs. A rich way to walk through NFL history, or at least the last fifty years.

Observation: I couldn't help but notice that a number of the quarterbacks were limping as they walked to their places.

After a couple commercials, the teams themselves are lauded onto the field. First, the Carolina Panthers with the fanfare and wonder of flames and rockets. Next, the Denver Bronco led by a white bronc and more flames and rockets. The energy is exploding as the story unfolds.

In the pre-pre-game we were taken to the White House to meet with President Barack Obama and Michelle. America showcases it's president and its national pasttime. Just before the national anthem we're treated to a Captain America movie trailer... soon followed by the "America" presented by our joint armed forces choir, signed by Marlee Matlin and surrounded by the flags of many nations. The Joint Service Color Guard came forth to stand by Lady Gaga as she sang our National Anthem. The choreography of stars and glory and Navy flyover indeed achieved the emotional effect aimed for. Like, yeah.

Observation: In keeping with expectations, the commercials so far have been stellar.

This year's coin toss is by Joe Montana. Carolina wins the toss, choosing to kick so Peyton Manning will be first QB to take the field.

First commercial after the coin toss: Hyundai. "A dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do." Funny. Carfinder.

First play, easy completion for 18 yards. Peyton on the move. And after a great run, they stall in the Red Zone. Field goal. First to score: Broncos.

Commercials after the score. Very good. Avocados from Mexico makes its first move. Kickoff. Fifteen seconds. More commercials. Hyundai funny one with bears... Followed by Jeff Goldblum playing a piano being lifted by crane. Mmmm, more celebs.  What next?

Cam throws a bit high in his first pass to a wide open receiver. Too much enthusiasm or energy to burn. Second pass caught a foot shy of a first down, so they will kick on fourth. Denver gets it back again.

More commercials. Mobile Strike. Then a hilarious Doritos spot. New Money and Old Money spot. Hmmm. PayPal is back.

Panthers show some D (3 and out) and we're backto the commercials. The Jungle Book trailer. And then that fabulous Audi spot, The Commander. Yeah. Never tired of this one. "Choosing the moon brings out the best in us." Nice tagline.

First play is a long pass, which is ruled an incomplete. Carolina challenges the ruling on the field, so we have still more commercials. In the end, the "ruling on the field stands." Hmmmm. The talking heads disagree with the verdict.

Wow... next two plays make it look tough. Running back stomped and limping off field. Then Cam hit in backfield, fumbling to produce a Denver touchdown. Here come the commercials.


More game, more commercials. More scoring, this time by Panthers. More commercias.


You get the picture.

Here is my favorite spot so far....

Enjoy the rest of the Big Show.

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