Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Local Art Seen -- Duluth Art Institute Reception for the Tim White Exhibit In & Out of Focus

The current exhibition of photographs by Tim White now hangs in the John Steffl Gallery on the balcony level of the Great Hall in the Depot. The juxtaposition of photography and text created impressions that enhanced the power of the imagery, an almost chimerical sensation that at times produced an unexpected, beautiful melancholy.   A few photos taken during Thursday's opening, which also included a Family Art Night Out for the community.

You go round and round
Keep falling on the same hard ground
Brush the dirt off of your knees
Someone call the doctor please
And heal those deep bruises, deep
~Rachel Kilgour, from "Deep Bruises," 2015

The weak
the feel a growing ditance 
between themselves and what they love
Ryan Vine, from "Rule 19", Revolver, 11.13.2012

You are just under the surface
of my restless sleep.
I hear your ardent whispers
in these howling winds
that blow in my ears, 
tell me stories
I cannot repeat.
~Ellie Schoenfeld, from "The Equator is Only an Imaginary Line," the dark honey, 2009

the last word out of my mouth was "happy"
and we drifted off to sleep
two friends, wind chime nymphs
licking dry time, rhyme water and flame
~Mary Bue, from "Slander Stallion," Where the Monarchs Circle, 2000

Ever simple
but we often miss, 
all our chaos
can be pared down to this, 
pared down to this
moment of bliss.
~Gaelynn Lea, from "Moment of Bliss," Imperfecta, 2012

Note: the new Lakeside Gallery is opening this Saturday the 25th.
4431 East Superior Street, Lakeside
Look for Grand Opening details here on their Facebook Page.

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