Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another Big Weekend In Duluth -- Tall Ships, Art in the Park and More

This day in music history... Ringo Starr made his debut with the Beatles in 1962. Two years later on this day The Beatles arrived in San Francisco to be mobbed by a crowd of 9,000 fans at the start of their American tour. On this day in 1969 the "Woodstock Nation" was born... a place where hippie dreams and realities collided.  Meantime, life went on.

A small Tall Ship at Karpeles... and more.
This weekend in Duluth will be memorable for many. I've read estimates of 200,000 to 300,000 people coming into town for the Tall Ships festival. If you think the waterfront is impressive when the ore boats come and go, the Tall Ships is a spectacle not to be missed. Unless you have a distaste for large crowds and parking hassles.

For a smaller crowd, but still crowded, try the Hoghead Festival in Proctor, August 15-21. Last night more than 100 classic cars were gathered in the center of town, and an outdoor beer garden helped create a festive air.

Art in Bayfront Park kicks off today and will run through Sunday, August 21. I missed the Park Point Art Fair this year for the first time in a decade because I did not see any ads or promotional notices. At the other end of the spectrum is Art in Bayfront Park in which I seem to be getting notifications by the hour. In addition to the free art fair (except for the parking) they are hosting an awards dinner at Marshall High School called the ARTcademy Awards Dinner/Comedy Night For $25 the evening will include a comic entertainer and lots of awards tomorrow evening from 6:30 till 8:30. Oh, there will be lots of fabulous food.

Recommended art shows tomorrow evening include The Things They Carried Prøve Collective and Monica Ares solo show In Their Midst @ Washington Studios Gallery. The Prøve event is featured in today's Best Bets section of the Trib.
It's my understanding that Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum will have a Tall Ships tie in on display.

And AJ Atwater's 400 Paintings can be viewed any time day or night, with a glass of wine or

Don't be shy. There will be plenty to see this weekend. Then again, you may just want to get away from it all on one of our many hiking or biking trails and other escapes.

Meantime, life goes on all around you. 

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