Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Faith King on Pineapple Arts, Writing and Diversions, Thursday's Opening at the DAI

She twirls in laughter.
The world goes on.
He has stepped out of his
but still can't imagine
the way she loses herself.
A whole room can change 
with her dancing in it.

Surrounded by periwinkle
even her dark sides glow.
His world is shaded in charcoal
though when he moves he feels 
Below them lies another story, 
Unrelated, but always
on their mind...
-- Faith King

* * * *

EN: Can you briefly share your “career path”? 

Faith King: People don’t know that kind of thing these days, do they? I am currently working on my English MA Degree at University of Minnesota Duluth. This semester, I am teaching my first college writing course, and learning so much about writing and research. I’d love to teach creative and academic writing, but I am open to any position that allows me to write.

EN: How did you come to be co-owner of Pineapple Arts and what is its mission?  

FK: The previous owner of Bohemia Arts gave us the business, somewhat unexpectedly, and we just sort of stuck together and did the best we could. Over the years, people have left the group, so now it is really down to Jami Rosenthal, Lucy Meade, and myself. Then there are the members of the Figure Drawing group, and artists who volunteer to use the studio. In recent years, we have focused more on what the members desire out of the space, because the heart of Pineapple is its community art space.

EN: In addition to making art you also write poetry. Do you also do others kinds of writing? Do you have examples online?

Faith King
FK: I write poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. As a relatively new member to academia, I am also learning how to research writing pedagogy and rhetoric. Right now I am piecing together research on the importance of metacognition in teaching writing concepts to college freshmen, and will also be presenting at the Northeast Modern Language Association’s 2018 conference on the continuing relationship of rhetoric and poetic appeal. Next semester I will be focusing on writing fiction, and learning more about presentation and design through online writing platforms. There is a lot that interests me, and I am trying to get as much experience as I can.

EN:  Tell us about your upcoming show and your chief aims with this body of work? 

FK: My exhibit is Thursday, November 16, 5-7 pm at the Duluth Art Institute. There are seven local artists involved: Adam Swanson, Tonja Sell, Patricia Canelake, Joel Cooper, Tim White, Sue Pavlatos, and Jamie Uselman. I wrote poems that respond in some way to their art, and I have two pieces that I created, for which I also wrote a corresponding poem. This type of writing is known as Ekphrastic Writing, which refers to the connection between the poetry and artwork. They become a pair, as one form extends the content, meaning, or description of the other. I was introduced to the idea in my first creative writing course, and fell for it immediately.

The title of the show is Diversions, as there is a common theme of change and thoughtfulness, or letting go throughout.

* * * *
The Opening Reception for Faith King will be Thursday evening from 5:00-7:00 at the DAI Galleries on the 4th Floor of the Depot. Simultaneously there is an opening for Laurentian: Paul LaJeunesse & Lake Superior Wood Turners.

If you're able, you may wish to start your evening across the bridge where the Red Mug Coffeehouse is hosting an opening for Christopher J. Dunn's Rooster Tail Ink.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Engage it.

Image upper right, by Patricia Canelake and Tim White.

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