Saturday, March 31, 2018

Miscellaneous Topics I've Almost Written About Lately

Writing sometimes involves making a lot of false starts; blogging especially so. Here are some topics I've considered writing about, triggered by a convergence of stars and news items, or a magazine article, snippets of a conversation or circumstances.

1. Ethanol again.
Ten years ago I wrote a few blog posts about ethanol (e.g., The Ethanol Fallacy). I have been wanting to do an update on this topic.

2. How To Act When There's No Plan B
It just seemed like an interesting title. I imagined writing about total commitment, whether intentional or no.

3. Revenge
After watching The Merchant of Venice (most recent Hollywood version with Al Pacino, Ralph Fiennes and other big names) it got me thinking about the relationship between revenge and justice, and the problems associated with human efforts to even the score when there is wrongdoing, whether by individuals or by nations.

4. Trouble No More
Dylan's Bootleg #13 features live performances from his Gospel period, 1979-81. I have been intending to write more about this at some point.

5. Ballad of a Thin Man
One of the more difficult songs in the Dylan songbook for man, I have always felt like it seemed clear as a bell. The enigma of Dylan's Mr. Jones is underscored by John Lennon's reference to the song in "Yer Blues" on side three of the White Album.

6. Huck's Tune
Another poignant Dylan song.

7. Florida Drownings
The number of children who die from drowning each year is disturbing, especially 1-4 year olds. In Florida alone nearly 100 children between one and four died last year. The number of children killed by cars backing out of the garage has been around 200 nationally per year. Our government created legislation requiring new cars to have rear-view cameras to reduce accidental deaths. The number of drownings exceeds this number exponentially. When is a problem an issue that needs government intervention and when is it not?

8. Crypto
I like writing about tech themes on Tuesdays and one area of interest to a lot of people is crypto currencies and Blockchain. Writing about things is one way writers learn about them.

9. Historic Preservation
Since I began writing about the Oldenburg House and the Duluth Armory, I've become interested in the manner in which history is preserved, whether art or architecture. There's a lot more here to mull over, to learn and share.

10. The Forward Motion of Time Is Relentless
Seems like there's nothing we can do to stop it, so we must learn how to go with the flow.

* * * *

There's always more to discover. See what tomorrow brings.

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