Monday, November 4, 2019

Local Art Seen: Kelly Schamberger at The Vineyard

Yolo II
In recent years I've become a major fan of the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art, co-founded by Jeffrey and Brock Larson. Kelly Schamberger was one of the first six students selected to be in their three-year program of teaching art "the old-fashioned way." This past spring Kelly completed her three year apprenticeship and is producing some remarkably fine paintings and drawings.

She is currently showing some of her paintings in a hallway of the Vineyard Church on Arrowhead Road here in Duluth. The name of this exhibition is titled Glimpse. The work came about as a result of two events. In 2017 there was a exhibit featuring the Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) in which painters came from all over to paint outdoors for a week in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

"These Streets"
"Baby Steps"
"Familiar Places"
The second event was Schamberger being awarded a career development grant to paint "en plein air" for the summer of 2019. The work on display at The Vineyard Church came from this summer's body of work. The selections featured are a series of "glimpses" that have been captured on various small surfaces.

What makes the paintings so magical is their somewhat ordinary subject matter. But when seen through an artist's eye, the things we take for granted really do come alive in a fresh, and refreshing, way.

How many times I've wished I had a camera in my eyeball so I could capture what I see. Thank you, Kelly, for doing it so well.

"Loring Park"
"Light in the Storm"
"Child's Wonder"
"Lester's Hidden Gem"
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EdNote:  The GLIMPSE exhibit will be up through 11/24. A good time to see it might be during The Vineyard's annual Art Fair, November 22-23 featuring artists from around the area. 

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