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The Right Place at the Right Time: Rock & Review Host Eric Dahl Shares His Story

Eric Dahl with Nevada Bob Gordon
Sometimes the hardest part of being a writer is getting that opening sentence down. The easy part is finding people and stories to write about. There are so many interesting people in the world. One of these is Eric Dahl, author of a book about B.B. King and his beloved Lucille, a guitar that had been stolen and pawned, only to be discovered (in a pawn shop) and retrieved (returned) by Dahl himself. As they say, "You can't make this stuff up."

Eric Dahl's career spans both print and broadcast media. Today he is host of a show called Rock & Review which airs on FOX 17 in Nashville as well as a Rock & Review TV series. He is also a magazine editor and freelance writer. 

I was introduced to Eric via Nevada Bob Gordon who was in Nashville to record his sixth album with some of Nashville's finest, including Charley McCoy. Gordon had been a guest on Dahl's Rock & Review, sharing stories from a storied life that has been captured in a newly released memoir titled 50 Years with the Wrong Woman. Dahl is not only congenial, he shows genuine interest in other people's stories. Here's a brief snapshot of his.

EN: You were born in Peoria and raised in Missouri. You eventually came to Nashville about a dozen years ago. What motivated you to come when you did

Eric Dahl: Sinclair Broadcast Group promoted me to Las Vegas, NV to work with two TV stations there from 2001 until 2011.  They promoted me to Nashville, TN in 2011 to work with our triopoly of TV stations.

EN: Certain professions give people an opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. I immediately think of Johnny Carson and Barbara Walters. You obviously can't list them all, but who have been some of your most memorable interviews?  

Eric Dahl: There have been so many amazing interviews over the years but the one that put the Rock & Review TV interviews on the map was Dolly Parton.  Other big names that have gained national exposure for our interviews included Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels, Charley Pride, the Doobie Brothers and CeeLo Green.

EN: Your show Rock & Review was initially about music gear. It evolved into much more than that and has a million viewers. What has been the big takeaway for you personally with regard to this adventure?  

Eric Dahl: I started it as a fun idea to cover music gear and then as we added in side musicians and eventually stars it just kept getting bigger.  It became a passion of mine to interview interesting artists and bands and I look forward to every single interview no matter how big the star is or the style of music.  I truly find it fulfilling.

EN: Your first book was about finding B.B. King's stolen guitar (Lucille) in a pawn shop. Had you thought about being an author as you were growing up? Did it surprise you to suddenly find this urge to write?  

Eric Dahl: I have always loved writing articles and features, but I never dreamed of writing a book.  After I returned Mr. King’s Gibson Lucille it struck me that no one had ever written a book about Lucille and her origins.  I asked permission from B.B. and he allowed me to write a book about his guitars.  In 2020 I added six additional chapters to the original book, which came out in 2013, and Charlie Daniels wrote on opening page for the new edition.

EN: How did B.B. King's Lucille end up in Las Vegas? There are all kinds of pawn shops much closer to home, yes?  

Eric Dahl: B.B. had lived in Las Vegas, NV since the mid 70’s.  I frequented the Pawn Shops and Music Stores while I lived there and provided values on the used gear to help stores out for fun.  In turn they would give me deals on instruments and let me know when cool music gear was coming out of pawn.  One of Mr. King’s own people supposedly stole his 80th Birthday Gibson Lucille from his home in Las Vegas and hocked it a Pawn Shop that knew me.  The rest is history, but I’m thankful that I was the one that discovered and got to return it to B.B..

EN: You said you were working on a new book. What is it going to be about and when will it be available?  

Eric Dahl: I recently got permission from Jerry Reed’s daughters to write a book on Jerry.  So that will be my third book that I am currently working on.

EN: What's the best was to see your shows? 

Eric Dahl: The Rock & Review interviews air Wednesday and Friday mornings on FOX 17 in Nashville and can be viewed at live through the stream or the STIRR App nationally.  The half hour TV show airs in Nashville, TN, Tri-Cities, TN and on the STIRR app.  Extended interviews can be found at our YouTube channel here

EN: Thanks for your time, and best to you in all your future projects.

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