Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Who Will Berry Whom?

When Nikita Khrushchev made his 
provocative pronouncement,
"We will bury you!"...

Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev.

President Eisenhower missed
a golden opportunity to offer this witty reply:

Legendary photographer Gary Firstenberg
strums Chuck Berry's guitar.

I saw Chuck Berry once when I was in college.
He was traveling with a pack of 1950s rock 'n rollers, doing the
rock 'n roll revival thing. This memory brought to mind a time 
I was at the Indianapolis Airport waiting for an early flight. 
About 30 WWF wrestlers straggled in and sat all around me. 
The thought I had was that one wrestler couldn't fill a night club 
but a whole squadron might fill a small stadium.
This is what the Rock N Roll Revival was about... packing small
stadiums like the Convocation Center in Athen. Even Chuck 
Berry's patented duckwalk would get old after awhile if he tried
to carry the whole evening alone. So these veteran stars came
together to share the stage, increase their audience size and 
get paid to do what they loved to do... Perform.
The Platters, Shirelles, Sha Na Na and a host of others...
Was Bo Diddley there? He might have been. 
Chuck Berry was fo' sure.

* * * 
If you like word games, you may have noticed that 
Bury and Berry are homonyms. Here's a story I created 
using as many homonyms as I could think of, & it was a lot.

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