Saturday, May 4, 2024

Top Issues That Americans Are Anxious About

Here is a list of top issues Americans are concerned about...

According to Pew Research, 2024: 


Health care costs

Partisan cooperation

Drug addiction

Gun violence

Violent crime

Budget deficit

Moral values

* * * * 

According to a 2023 Chapman University Study:

Fears are ranked by the percentage of Americans surveyed who reported being ‘afraid’ or ‘very afraid.’

Top 10 Fears of 2023                                                    % of Very Afraid or Afraid

Corrupt government officials                                                      60.1%

Economic/financial collapse                                                        54.7%

Russia using nuclear weapons                                                    52.5%

The US becoming involved in another World War                       52.3%

People I love becoming seriously ill                                             50.6%

People I love dying                                                                       50.4%

Pollution of drinking water                                                           50.0%

Biological warfare                                                                         49.5%

Cyber-terrorism                                                                             49.3%

Not having enough money for the future                                      48.0%

* * * * 

What I find interesting in these two lists are the things not included.

Issues Not Noted Above

Free Speech and Free Thought

* * * *

Obviously the answers can be impacted by the way questions are asked, but a few of my biggest concerns aren't even on those first two lists. In part, it's because the media directs its viewers/listeners to other concerns, their concerns. It's just one more way the the narrative and the public's perceptions are shaped.

Two of my biggest concerns are the Energy Grid (specifically the compromises being made that will eventually lead to unreliability, blackouts and brownouts as well as skyrocketing costs) and the increased clamping down on free speech. I don't have a good feelng about where we're heading as a nation. 

Then again, this world is not my home. 

Are You Protopian, Utopian or Dystopian?

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