Tuesday, October 20, 2009


While cleaning out files from a few drawers I came across a list of places named Aberdeen which are located outside the U.S. Seemed like just the kind of useless information that everyone would be clamoring for so I decided to post it here this morning.

But first, a little research. I was wondering how many different cities named Aberdeen that Bob Dylan, who released the first Christmas album in his life just this month(rated zero stars by one reviewer), had put on concerts at. On July 20 this summer his Never Ending Tour stopped in Aberdeen, Maryland, with John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson. Dylan played Aberdeen Scotland on September 16, 2000.

Well, enough of that. Here’s the list you’ve been eagerly anticipating of non-USA Aberdeens, courtesy Robert Lookup.

Aberdeen, Saskatchchewan (just NE of Saskatoon)
Aberdeen, Jamaica
Aberdeen, Andaman Islands Bay of Bengal
Aberdeen, Sierra Leone
Aberdeen, Australia
Aberdeen, South Africa
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Aberdeen, Scotland
Aberdeen, Guyana, South America
Aberdeen, Tasmania
Aberdeen, Nova Scotia
Aberdeen, Ontario
Aberdeen, British Columbia
Aberdeen, British Columbia (not a duplicate)
Aberdeen, Antigua

For the record, the eight stateside Aberdeens can be found in Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington.

If interested in purchasinga ticket from the 16 September 2000 Dylan Concert in Aberdeen Scotland, it might still be available.

Info on Dylan portrait at the top of this page: 2' x 3' acrylic on masonite, completed 10-18-2009.

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