Friday, March 19, 2010

Bob Parsons, the GoDaddy King

In December, I moved my original website to GoDaddy for hosting. As boring as this sounds, it has actually been an amazing experience. First off, the tech support was awesome. Second, my biggest dread was having all the links (there might be a couple hundred pages) to work... They said not to worry and it would be easier than I thought. Sure enough, it worked flawlessly, and with virtually no time or effort whatsoever on my part.

What I didn't think about was how deliberate this all was. GoDaddy's success was no accident. It was planned.

I remember the old days of buying a domain name. DirectNic was what I used. The whole process felt sterile, technical and boring. Trying to get support or service seemed impossible... I don't think they even wanted to talk to people.

Well, Bob Parsons saw an opportunity. GoDaddy was going to offer a fun experience. With superior tech support.

Most of us remember the first GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial. Like, this guy knew how to create waves when he jumped in the water. And it's obviously paid off because GoDaddy is the largest, and continues to be the fastest growing, domain registry in the world, possibly exceeding a million domains a month at this point. Even the best marketing won't help if there isn't a quality product to begin with. Parsons caught the public's eye, but he had also laid the groundwork.

Think of the cash flow. Each new customer is paying a monthly fee, forever. The stream is an ever widening river of green.

But it isn't just their kingpin getting rich off other peoples' money. His employees must be doing O.K. because I seem to recall that GoDaddy was voted the most fun place to work a couple years ago. It is an environment people want to be part of. (And not just because of the smokin' hot blonde.) No doubt this contributes to their customer relations coming across so caring, warm, cheerful.

Then I discovered that Parsons not only runs a domain business, he also understands the kinds of people who have bought websites and all that. They are often entrepreneurs, as he has been. So, instead of sitting on a beach somewhere (which he's earned) he makes videos and produces other materials to helps other entrepreneurs be success. And I am serious when I say the lessons Bob Parsons has learned would be invaluable for any person of any age launching a new business, or steering a veteran business.

Parsons has said, "The Internet is the heart of the new economy." In this, he is dead on. Been to Detroit lately? The energy which was at the heart of that city has been transplanted.

Check out Bob Parsons' 16 Rules for Success. You need to find out more about this company, and what makes this man tick. If it doesn't bump your own heartbeat up a notch, you better check your ticker.

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