Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is a special day to honor fathers and the importance of fathers in both families and society. It is celebrated annually on the first day after Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN, which also happens to be the third Sunday in June. It is celebrated in 55 countries, which might make for a good trivia question. In how many countries do they celebrate Father's Day?

Father's Day in this country began a hundred years ago. Mom's got their special recognition around 1870, even though their contributions to the family have been invaluable since the Beginning. Spokane, WA claims to be where the first "official" Father's Day took place and this year is declared the Centennial of that event.

Of course the big beneficiary of Father's Day is the greeting cards industry. Dad's don't generate enormous revenues (when compared to Mother's Day) but it helps keep a few cash registers ringing.

Yesterday, quite by accident I came across a pair of essays written by my children about their dad. The Old Country Buffet here in town was having a contest in which the best essay would result in $25 for the child and six free meals for the dad. Evidently we didn't win because I don't recall getting those six free meals. I do know that my heart was warmed when I read what my kids wrote because I still have these things fifteen years later.

"He plays games with me. He draws pictures like clowns and Indians and sometimes even cats. Sometimes he lets me play his computer. He plays circus and helps me write stories. He is a writer. He buys us toys and candy. He reads books to me. He sometimes does magic tricks."
~Christina, 6

"He plays with me when he is done with his work. He helps me become a good soccer player and he draws real good Indians. He works hard at his job. He is very nice. He is a great writer and he does fun magic tricks and circus tricks. He loves his family. He helps me on his computer. He says 'I am the best son in the world' and he gets presents for us. He plays games with me. He helps me with puzzles. He sometimes lets me stay up late."
~Micah, 8

How wonderful we dads can appear through the eyes of innocence. I'm well aware of my faults and shortcomings. The one thing I made sure I did, though, was to be there. Being there means taking time, spending time... investing time. It hardly matters what we do, as long as we are there. I just happen to be a writer and artist. But if I had been into fishing or some other activity, the kids would have mentioned that, too. (As for letting them stay up late, don't tell Mom.)

If you are a dad, be sure to tell your kids you love them today. It might be the catalyst for a winning essay and six free meals at Old Country Buffet. If your dad is still alive, make sure you let him know you love him, too.

Happy Father's Day.

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