Sunday, June 6, 2010

MHM: One Good Turn Deserves Another


The success of last year's Extreme Home Makeover event here in the Northland fired up the imaginations of a whole lot of local folk who found themselves working side-by-side on this remarkable project. The net result was a follow up project called Modest Home Makeover (MHM). The television show was the catalyst, but you don't need TV cameras running in order to do good deeds, though you can see here how television can help get the word out.

The project which the MHM team is tackling is a new home for Rick and Brenda Hallfrisch. The Hallfrisch family has a long history of being generous beyond their means, involved in feeding the hungry, raising foster children, and involvement in an assortment of ministries.

Unfortunately, health issues and medical bills have interfered, plus their modest 600 square foot home has become dangerous as it has been sliding off its foundation, among other things. The cancer battles are only the backdrop as far as personal challenges go. But friends of the Hallfrisches stepped in and came up with a plan. They have called it Modest Home Makeover.

Modeling their efforts after the TV show, they arranged contractors and are actively beating the bushes for donations. Two weeks ago they took the bold step of razing the house. The destruction was orchestrated as you can see in the photos here.

The group has assembled a very nice Ning website to keep followers updated as regards progress. Upcoming fund raising events are listed here along with progress reports and the like.

Because of Rick Hallfrisch's involvement in a ministry to local racers, there will be a fund raising event called Give One for Reverend Rick at the Proctor Speedway next Sunday night. The hat will be passed and an appeal made for every spectator to give a dollar... or whatever else your heart moves you to give.

If you have more time than money and you live here in the Northland, there may be some other ways the MHM team can plug you in. I get the impression that, like the Hallfrisch's dinner table, there will always be room for one more.

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