Monday, December 27, 2010

Cartoon of the Day

Among other things, Santa's visit this weekend brought us a number of magazines. In addition to most of the small items I had on my meager Christmas list I received Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty, which is a real treat. It's an insider look at today's art scene, written with perceptive and incisive clarity. I'll give my review later when I finish devouring it.

One of the magazines we received was The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year. The New Yorker cartoons are always fun, and to have them assembled like this is even better than the Sunday comics.

Cartoons often require the visual aspect to really bring the full effect, so I will try to describe this one that especially cracked us up. The drawing is an old man in a white beard sitting on a throne upon a cloud, clearly intended to represent God. God is reading the Bible with an expression on his face that corresponds to the caption which read, "Oh shoot... How could I have forgotten to tell them about the dinosaurs?"

Tonight we have company, so I have neither the time or inclination to take this much further, though I wouldn't mind weighing in on a few recent films I have watched or the books I am reading. For the moment, I will save all that for another day... or maybe even next year, since 2011 is just around the corner.

Have a great one!

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