Friday, December 3, 2010

Free The Hikers Update: Sarah's Song

It came out of the blue. Or rather, out of the silence. This past week Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, imprisoned in Iran since July 2009, were permitted to make phone calls to their families, a wonderful and unexpected surprise in the midst of an otherwise tedious ordeal.

When I wrote about the hikers this summer, on the one year anniversary of the imprisonment, there were three behind bars. For whatever reason, Sarah Shourd has been released since that time. She has not remained silent, actively keeping people aware that all is not well till her fiance Shane and their friend Josh are returned home. The three had been arrested while hiking in a mountainous region of Iraq that borders Iran.

One amazing thing about the human spirit. When stretched by pain and sorrow, the strings of the heart often produce amazing music, art, poetry. I think here of the psalms of David three millennia ago. I think of the great music that emerged from Beethoven's anguish.

And so here I share a poem, a song borne of sorrow, written and sung by Sarah Shourd. If you have time, watch and listen to the YouTube video. Or take a moment to bookmark it and return later. Breathe it into your soul and exhale it like a prayer until Shane and Josh are free.

Piece of Time

We walked across hard land
Into a human trap
They took us for one long ride
You're now in Iran, Iran

You with your burnt green eyes
Haven't you said to me?
All they can take from us
Is a piece of time.

You're an American,
What were you doing there?
The truth doesn't matter much
in this political game.


Now inside these four stone walls
All I can think of is you
Put on my black blindfold
Go for a walk outside


The women all know my name
They whisper as they walk by
"Saw your Mom on BBC
Don't worry you'll soon be free."


When I get out of this
I'll never lock anything inside
take all my friends for a walk
Down by the oceanside.


You can watch Sarah's video here:

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