Thursday, February 10, 2011

Five Minutes with Painter Marcia Baldwin

Last week I was introduced to Marcia Baldwin's work by means of the EBSQ eNewsletter, just another mechanism that didn't exist a couple decades ago for giving visibility to artists. She graciously accepted my invitation to share a bit of herself and her paintings here.

Like so many others, early experiences were influential in prompting her toward her life interests. To see more of her paintings, links are included below.

Ennyman: When did you first take an interest in painting?
MB: It may surprise some, but painting was encourage by my elementary school principal. A tender age to be encouraged to experiment in many art mediums, but I remember it so vividly.
I even won my first regional art contest at age 8, won a cash prize, and also a spot on our local TV station. I was hooked !! Art and painting were going to be my passion for life. I continued to learn, with first formal lessons from a well known artist in our area, Louise Sicard. I was then on to college and graduated with a BFA.

Enny: Who have been your biggest influences?
MB: There have been many artists and teachers who would share wonderful skills and experiences with me and were very influential in my education, but the Impressionists have always been in my thoughts as I paint, even creating abstracts, I focus on color theory, the way the Impressionists explored and understood how color affects our lives.

Enny: Why horses?
MB: My passion is Art .. but my love is Horses. I was riding horses at the age of 4 and ever since then, I had to be around horses. I would study them, every thing about them, even how they learn and think. I think the first drawing when I was tiny was of a horse. It is a love that will never die. Horses are a gift to us and no other creature is so magnificent. If I can capture just a small bit of their grace, their patience, their beauty, ... then I am feel good about that painting.

Enny: What are your favorite mediums to work in and why?
MB: I work mainly in oil paints. The flow of the paint, the way I can manipulate them on the canvas, always excites me. Since my focus is on color theory, I truly love the purity of color and light that is reflected back to the eye in using oil paints. Some can be opaque, some transparent, some even translucent. I do use other mediums and find it exciting to switch to Batiks on canvas, using watercolor, inks and wax. Other mediums I enjoy are soft pastel and gouache.

Enny: What are your goals for 2011?
MB: I am always striving to become a better fine artist, so that is always a goal for each new year. But to be specific, 2011 is a year for more acclaim, being recognized more as a professional artist. There will be a book of my paintings for 2011, created in 2011, as a wonderful printed portfolio of all my work for the year.

Enny: How do you categorize yourself as an artist?
MB: I am a professional fine artist specializing in oil painting. My favorite subjects are animals and specifically horses. I may work in abstract, using bold brush strokes and bold color, and then I can also work in fine detail for super realism. All the styles between are an ever-lasting journey in creating new and exciting works of art.

Enny: Do we have too many artists in this country today?
MB: I don't think any country can have too many artists. What would our world be without artists? Dull and unimaginative... And "Color"... without artists, we would be without "color" in our lives, theoretically or actually !!

Enny: Any suggestions for talented young people and art school students?
MB: Learn the principles and elements of art. They are the foundation of everything you create. As for painters, paint every day, no matter what.

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Frank Zweegers said...

Beautiful works. Interesting article.

ENNYMAN said...

Thanks for stopping by... So many people doing such interesting work.

Anonymous said...

muito bonito o seu trabalho, beautiful. Eu sou do BRASIL, obrigado por voce existir...