Monday, June 27, 2011

41st Annual Park Point Art Fair

This weekend was the 41st Annual Park Point Art Fair here in Duluth. The beautiful setting alone makes this art fair worth visiting. To make it a real event, naturally, there were 120 artists' works on display. Add the ongoing live music by Michael Monroe, food, free parking and free admission, and you have a "can't miss" experience if the weather is right. And this weekend the weather was very right.

The artists and artisans present represented a range of mediums, from ceramics, glass and fiber arts to painters, photographers and woodworking, plus a fair number of jewelers so you can wear something home afterwards if you see something you like.

Times have certainly changed since we first came to this fair more than two decades ago. Most of the artists have professional displays, EZ-Ups and websites, so even if you don't buy today you can still keep in touch and make your purchase a mile down the road.

Many of the artists represented here have been attending for years, if not decades. Elliot Silberman or Duluth, has probably been drawing portraits here since the beginning. And you can always count on the Husbys to have their wonderful ceramic work here, though now I see they're branching off into glass again.

Though some of the artists are from the Twin Ports region, the majority are from all across Minnesota and Wisconsin, Park Point being one stop on a busy summer circuit.

Another new thing that seems to have become popular now is printing photographs on canvas. My first impression was "Wow!" when I saw some fabulous images by Rolf Hagberg of Two Harbors. But the technique has become so widely employed I think the bloom is off the rose.

The combination of photography and Photoshop is another relatively new phenomenon. I myself have been exploring the uses of technology in conjunction with art, and see that this is especially pervasive now. Perhaps it compares to what the electric guitar did to folk music.... maybe.

If you missed this one, be sure not to miss the art fair in your own region. It's a form of aesthetic stimulation that everyone can benefit from. And a nice way to spend an afternoon with someone you love.

Have a good one.

Photos: Stitchery art by Julie Crabtree, Bratach Sith Studio. The two images with women's faces were by a woman doing fascinating creative mixed media works. She is a member of the Oulu Glass Collaborative. You can also follow her on Facebook at Eclectica.


Frank Zweegers said...

Looks really attractive.

ENNYMAN said...

Thanks. I wish I had taken more pictures... but alas.
best 2u