Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating National Bill Murray Day

Sunday our local newspaper made a pronouncement that it would be seventy degrees that afternoon. The mercury in our thermometer barely kissed fifty. So, being the longest day of the year (if you live above the equator), it seems like we need something to celebrate besides the first day of summer since as late as yesterday I was still wearing gloves in my drive to the office. That something at the moment is National Bill Murray Day.

I first saw a reference to it on Facebook. It may be a friend invited me to join the event. Or else I stumbled into it and decided to crash the party. Where? Anywhere and everywhere.

So across the country people will be watching Bill Murray films today. Some of us may just simply give a nod to remembrances of Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters or What About Bob?

Groundhog Day is on my top ten list of favorite films. And if you haven't seen it, I'd press you to do so. It's classic Hollywood magic. Here's an overview.

If you don't know the story, you can Google it, of course. The essence is this: in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the official home of Phil the groundhog, there is a celebration every year regarding this purportedly Celtic tradition of determining the arrival of spring based on a groundhog's shadow. Punxsutawneyians have been conducting the ritual since 1887. You might say it's a great excuse for a party. And I am guessing one of the major events there for filling hotel rooms. (Here in Duluth we have Grandma's marathon, for example, which happened to be this past weekend.)

Murray is a narcissistic newscaster who hates this day and this event, having to cover it for the local TV station. Through some quirk of fate, Murray gets stuck in a time warp and this hated day gets repeated, over and over and over. How this experience affects him is the essence of the story.

There are few films with such comic effect and cosmic insight so perfectly blended. Evidently, our summer solstice is a day in which Murray's fans want to give tribute to the guy who "made" the film.


Here's what's up... according to National Bill Murray Day headquarters.

To celebrate the man, the myth, the American hero. Like any national holiday, celebrate however you like. Watch one of his movies, act out your favorite scenes, or organize a huge rally in your town, complete with fireworks and cake, for you and your fellow Bill Murray fans (highly recommended). It's not important how you celebrate, just make sure that you do. With a strong show of support the US government will have no choice but to put this holiday right up there with America's favorite holidays like Fourth of July, 4/20, or Cinco de Mayo! Invite as many people to this as you can so no one is left out of America's new favorite holiday! Also if you or someone you know knows Bill Murray please invite him to your celebration, it's the polite thing to do.

@lunchbillmurray on the twitter-box

Virtual Celebration taking place at http://stickam.com/samproof !!!
The Online Party starts at 7pm PST!

And if none of this hoopla interests you, you can just go out and enjoy this first day of summer.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Ed! Groundhog's Day is one of our favorites too and a tradition around here since it is also Denise's birthday.
Greg Stynsberg