Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Night at the Ochre Ghost

While getting a hair cut yesterday I was leafing through a Duluth-Superior Magazine that caught my eye. A feature story was the ranking of the best eating places, the best atmosphere, best breakfast, best brunch, best appetizers, best dinner, best steak, best dessert... you get the idea. But the mag didn't stop with eating places. There things like the best scenic view, best scenic drive, and one was the best art gallery.

The article listed not only the best but also the second place as well. No doubt this would help defray any hard feelings from advertisers who were pretty good but not best. Interestingly enough, the best gallerier -- first and runner-up -- were Ochre Ghost, where I had had my Dylan pieces displayed during Dylan Days, and Lizzard's where I have three pieces and was heading to later that day to pick up "Man Wearing A Red Smirk" for the Red Interactive show coming soon to Phantom Galleries Superior.

Jessica L has done a fabulous job of putting Ochre Ghost on the map with original works by risk-taking artists. Last night I attended the opening of Risk of Dying is Greater in the Northland: new work by Avery Cassar plus the CD Release of Danecdote's new album: Mise en Place. The small space at 22 Second Avenue East was fairly alive with energy from the music and the enthusiasm of the artist.

The photos on this page are from last night.

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