Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Talk Tomorrow Evening at Superior Library

In mid-September, T.J. Lind and I held our launch party for The Red Scorpion at Goin' Postal in Duluth. Tomorrow evening from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Superior Public Library. Big thank you to Nora Fie.

The promotional signage states that we will be discussing the writing process, electronic publishing and our eBook, The Red Scorpion.

Since the launch six weeks ago our fledgling ePub house N&L Publishing has produced two additional books that are now available on Kindle and Nook, Unremembered Histories and Newmanesque, which I may be reading from in addition to our talk.

Here's an overview of some of the things we'll cover tomorrow evening:
Overview of how the presentation will go.
The status of ePublishing today.
Roots of The Red Scorpion.
How TJ & I met.
How N&L Publishing came to be.
Things TJ has learned through the DECA program and this project.
A synopsis of The Red Scorpion.
And few thoughts about the writing life.

Based on how much time we have, I will probably read a few sections from the book or a short story from one of the other books.

The books are all available on Kindle and Nook, and will soon be available on Mac's iBook platform. One of my favorite parts of Amazon.com, where Kindle books are sold, is the manner in which they cross-promote other products. If you buy books there you will see, "Customers who bought this... also bought this." It is gratifying to see that The Red Scorpion has received positive reviews there, the recommendation of Unremembered Histories is already recorded here. "Customers who bought The Red Scorpion also bought Unremembered Histories.

Another favorite part of online bookstores for me is the Reviews section. Here's a nice summary from one reader of the book we'll be talking about tomorrow:

This short book is a good mystery/suspense/science fiction thriller. It is carefully crafted and realistically portrayed (with life lessons taught). If you like an adventure/anthropology story (a mixture between the "The Hardy Books" series and Indiana Jones), Newman has written one for you. His depiction of character interaction (between friends, at school, in a family) is true to life. Set in both Mexico and Minnesota, within a time-frame of about 60 years, the Red Scorpion generates a balanced and varied sequence between action, mystery, suspense, and life at a normal pace. Very well done!

For what it's worth, we printed a limited run of 50 books for sharing at these two events, so if you are not yet part of the eBook revolution, you might wish to attend to purchase the paperback.

Meantime, may your day be filled with adventure, marching forward with your eyes on the prize.

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