Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unremembered Histories Submitted for Publication

This summer when my 16-year-old collaborator T.J. Lind and I mapped out our plans for the fall, it was our intent for N&L Publishing, the fledgling publishing company we formed, to produce four eBooks beginning in September. The first of these was my Young Adult novel The Red Scorpion. This afternoon N&L Publishing completed and submitted a second book, Unremembered Histories.

Unremembered Histories is my first published collection of short stories since winning the 1991 Arrowhead Fiction Competition. While the individual stories stand alone as independent entities, the common thread here is the paranormal or supranormal aspect in each. The title of the book is derived from the centerpiece story, "An Unremembered History of the World" and its introduction to the notion of parallel histories as well as the brokenness within our own history.

In many of these stories, such as "Two Acts That Changed the World," I season real life situations with a probing imagination. In this and other stories you will recognize one of the themes of a lot of my art and writing... that is, a fascination with dreams, dreaming and the interaction between our internal worlds and the external world.

When I was in seventh grade I found myself so enthralled by the imagery in my dreams that I began to keep a dream diary. If I'm not mistaken the first entry involved a couple characters from a television show. As my habit of making notes upon waking developed, I was able to remember and record as many as four or five dream stories each morning. With dreaming so much a central feature of my youth, it's no surprise that some of the stories I later produced include some reference to dreams and dream consciousness.

The story "Duel of the Poets" was my attempt to acknowledge Jorge Luis Borges as one of his literary influences. "Duel of the Poets" has been translated into Croatian where it was selected to be the centerpiece of a poetry site in the 1990’s.

The book's title is Unremembered Histories. On Monday, if not sooner, you will find it available at for $1.99. I'm utterly persuaded that everyone who reads the six stories in this volume will find at least one that they find special. I hope you’ll find a way to check it out.

In the meantime, read your heart out.

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